Every customer is important to us and we want to meet his needs to the maximum. Our goal is to create a packaging that will represent your company, help you stand you out in the market and protect not only your products and services but also your own brand!

All we need from you is to tell us a few words about your company and what would bethe ideal packaging for you. We will design it and together we will give the final touches! This packaging will be as unique as you!

Then, we will look together all available fabrics and come up with the right fabric and colors that match your brand. The raw materials we use are of excellent quality from selected factories in Greece and abroad.

Once we have finalized the features of your packaging, together we will decide how to imprint your logo. Our company gives you the option to print or embroider your logo on the packaging you choose. For printing, we use the method of silkscreen printing either directly on the fabric or with heat transfer paper. The choice of printing or embroidery is purely a matter of aesthetics and cost.

Next stage, production! We are sure that the result will satisfy you!